Draw the Name Hannah (New Video!)

I made a speed drawing YouTube video of the design I drew for my name. Enjoy!


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Hand Drawn Button

This is a button I drew and made with my high school robotic team’s button maker.

You draw your design on a blank circle of paper, put it in the button maker with the metal clip and a piece of plastic, push them together, and you have a ready-to-wear button! They’re really fun to make.


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Three Surreal Doodles

I first drew this in the upper left-hand corner of my notes during an especially boring community college microeconomics class. (I like microeconomics but the professor, although a nice person, was bad at teaching.) The guy next to me said it looked morbid, which surprised me because I was trying to make it happy and hopeful.



This one reminds me of an onion.



The last one is dripping.


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An Angel, Wizard, and Octopus




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Surfing on Sound Waves

Surfing at the atomic level on waves made of sound.



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Handwritten Music Notebook

I got a Molekine notebook lined for music on my birthday, and it’s amazing. I have already transcribed two short original piano compositions, and I love the thought of filling an entire notebook with original handwritten music. It seems like something Mozart would have done.

You can listen to my music here: https://soundcloud.com/doodles-in-e-minor.




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Three Men in a Boat Weather Quote

Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome, despite being over 100 years old, is the funniest book I have ever read. Here is a funny quote from it that is often true, even today.


quote closeup


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Doorframes make for interesting picture framing. We're all mad here.
- - -
People are most interesting when they're strange. Thoughts? Go. Reading in Lothlorien.

I've done a pitiful job of reading this year. Do you have advice on how to read more (or watch TV less) amidst stress and a tired mind? Eternal God //
Not sure what that beep is at the beginning. Sounds like an alien signal, but that's only my theory. I've become inspired to increase my piano playing's finesse, but I still have fun banging out coffee-fueled tunes over lunch break. Fun times with the family this Fourth of July.

1 & 2: Supercute baby sis holding a crab

3 & 4: Another sis and me getting quality time at the beach

5 & 6: Supercool fishing mom Met two cool people and was a guest on the @womenintechshow podcast yesterday! The episode will be posted in 1.5 months. Almost halfway with this classic. Much more entertaining and insightful than I expected. Let's pretend I'm standing in front of a rack of spacesuits and am about to be shot to the International Space Station in order to conduct research on interplanetary travel and meet a delegation of aliens.
#skydiving d r a g o n f l y

Pic taken in the midst of a dragonfly swarm years ago at a soccer park during the sunset. Why do we have such an obsession to capture and share our lives?

I walked alone by the river this evening. The stream reflected the molten dusk light and the leaves sparkled with recently-fallen raindrops. I stood on the footbridge and watched tiny fish swim in the running water.

Then I had a dangerous thought: This would make a good picture.

Out my phone came. The rest of my wandering was spent attempting to capture the evening's brilliance. Smartphone technology can not capture nature, so I was left unsatisfied.

I spend hours every day staring into my computer under bright white light. This makes these moments in nature special. Even then, I could not escape from my phone. Its harsh light shone on my face as I tried to capture the essence of a glowing patch of green grass in the twilight.

If I only left my phone at home, I would have existed in the moment instead of trying to capture it. I would have experienced nature through my senses instead of pixels.

Perhaps wanting to capture is not a bad thing? Maybe I have this urge because I'm a loner and don't often share walks or thoughts with people?

Who knows. But next time I go on a walk, I may leave my phone behind. What fun it is to sit down and sketch the first draft of a new app mockup.
This how I design an app or software feature:
1. Recieve a brain dump from the person who has the concept. Scribble these thoughts down in bullet point format in one of my many notebooks.
(My current notebook is red with a vintage anatomical heart, which might seem a little goth, but I just intend for it to remind me not to be an emotionless robot in life.)
2. Sketch draft of initial app flow. I don't pay much attention to details at this point. It's intended for a high level proof of concept to make sure the features' structures I in envision in my head will work in two dimensions on the screen.
3. Create the screens as wireframes in the computer. Polish as I go to add detail and fill in gaps from the sketches.
4. Then I send for feedback and we iterate. This is my least favorite part, as often complicated technical questions come up I have to figure out, and I have to think at a high level of detail.
5. I take the final wireframes and create "pixel perfect" designs with color and fonts and pretty layout in Adobe Illustrator.
Then we're done with the mockups! Magic accomplished.
(Please add occasional half-steps for procrastination. To rejuvenate my mind, of course. Heh. That's what I'm doing right now by making this post.)

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