Draw the Name Hannah (New Video!)

I made a speed drawing YouTube video of the design I drew for my name. Enjoy!


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Hand Drawn Button

This is a button I drew and made with my high school robotic team’s button maker.

You draw your design on a blank circle of paper, put it in the button maker with the metal clip and a piece of plastic, push them together, and you have a ready-to-wear button! They’re really fun to make.


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Three Surreal Doodles

I first drew this in the upper left-hand corner of my notes during an especially boring community college microeconomics class. (I like microeconomics but the professor, although a nice person, was bad at teaching.) The guy next to me said it looked morbid, which surprised me because I was trying to make it happy and hopeful.



This one reminds me of an onion.



The last one is dripping.


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An Angel, Wizard, and Octopus




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Surfing on Sound Waves

Surfing at the atomic level on waves made of sound.



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Handwritten Music Notebook

I got a Molekine notebook lined for music on my birthday, and it’s amazing. I have already transcribed two short original piano compositions, and I love the thought of filling an entire notebook with original handwritten music. It seems like something Mozart would have done.

You can listen to my music here: https://soundcloud.com/doodles-in-e-minor.




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Three Men in a Boat Weather Quote

Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome, despite being over 100 years old, is the funniest book I have ever read. Here is a funny quote from it that is often true, even today.


quote closeup


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