Google – the “Public Mind Reader”

February 10, 2012 at 5:14 pm 1 comment

When you type a search in Google, the “suggestions” aren’t from a dictionary. They are the most common searches starting with the letters that you typed in. For example, if you typed in mississi you would get a lot of suggestions for Mississippi, Mississippi state university, and so on. That way you can tell what all of the Google users are thinking about Mississippi at that moment.

My dad told showed me something last night that made me laugh so hard – he typed “why are boys so”, and showed me all the suggestions. See the picture below. I have to be fair and say it works with “why are girls so” as well.

This shows a lot of stereotypes as well – boys are usually considered to be these things (and for a good reason), but it doesn’t mean that all are. It is VERY interesting to me, however, to see what the general population is doing, searching, or thinking about. Very fascinating stuff.



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