Squiggle Design: Soccer

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I basically live at the YMCA sometimes – having 3 siblings who all play soccer is hectic at times. One time I was at the YMCA and knew I was going to be there for hours that day, so I brought my drawing pad along. It was then that I came up with an idea of a drawing design I hadn’t ever seen or done before –  words disguised in a squiggly pattern. I had done squiggly designs before (I’m using the word “squiggly” for lack of a better one), but hadn’t ever made one almost entirely out of words. I feel like it adds a whole new dimension to art when there are words – then it looks cool and means something. I used “Soccer” as a theme since that’s what was around me. Below is the first ever “word squiggle” design I’ve made!

Soccer Word Design Squiggly photo

Edited version with the words highlighted:

Soccer Word Design Squiggly - Highlighted photo

The words from left to right:





Have Passion

World Class




The game we  ♥

Shin guard







Stupid Ref

Kick it

CFSC (the awesome club I play at)



My Grandma could do better than that

Futsal (Indoor soccer)

A few of these are quotes from my (awesome) coach, and a few are just general soccer lingo. Hope you like it!


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