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On Originalities you will find my old art. I have now moved to a new personal site. Please visit the link below for my current writing:


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Experimenting with contrasting styles but similar themes (no 1 is my typical style, no 2 is more of a modern abstract style which I normally consider weak and pointless but was interesting to play with)
. ✔️ Testing motion shots for the first time. . ✔️ Got leaves in hair. . Invitation to Atlanta friends: I would like to take artsy nature pictures of people this spring. . I've already asked a few of you. I'd get photography practice, and you'd hopefully get an interesting picture or two. Maybe you'd even have fun, as long as you were prepared for obsession in volume and variants of photos. 😄
My supercool former roommate (and fellow INTP!) friend Bella drew this from the crazy filtered experimental makeup pic I posted in my story. See more of her adorable art at @joie.plume
I have never been to a dance or even tried on a fancy dress. Today I did that on a whim, and it was a magical experience. These pictures will serve as the prom I never had. This dress now has a place in my heart, as it continues to hang on a rack at the mall. 😊
Overcast days make for the best pictures
Eternal God
Met two cool people and was a guest on the @womenintechshow podcast! ⋯✦⋯ Listen to the episode on my blog (link in bio).
Let's pretend I'm standing in front of a rack of spacesuits and am about to be shot to the International Space Station in order to conduct research on interplanetary travel and meet a delegation of aliens. #skydiving
What fun it is to sit down and sketch the first draft of a new app mockup. ⋯✦⋯ This how I design an app or software feature: ⋯ 1. Recieve a brain dump from the person who has the concept. Scribble these thoughts down in bullet point format in one of my many notebooks. . (My current notebook is red with a vintage anatomical heart, which might seem a little goth, but I just intend for it to remind me not to be an emotionless robot in life.) ⋯ 2. Sketch draft of initial app flow. I don't pay much attention to details at this point. It's intended for a high level proof of concept to make sure the features' structures I in envision in my head will work in two dimensions on the screen. ⋯ 3. Create the screens as wireframes in the computer. Polish as I go to add detail and fill in gaps from the sketches. ⋯ 4. Then I send for feedback and we iterate. This is my least favorite part, as often complicated technical questions come up I have to figure out, and I have to think at a high level of detail. ⋯ 5. I take the final wireframes and create "pixel perfect" designs with color and fonts and pretty layout in Adobe Illustrator. ⋯ Then we're done with the mockups! Magic accomplished. ⋯✦⋯ (Please add occasional half-steps for procrastination. To rejuvenate my mind, of course. Heh. That's what I'm doing right now by making this post.)
Found in the mental disorders section. Misplaced? I disagree with anyone who sees introversion as a disadvantage.
Life of a User Interface Designer Part 3 ⋯✦⋯ A centepede with pens for feet appears to have walked across every page in your notebook.

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