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Surreal Photo Manipulations

Hi! I’ve always loved surreal and fantasy art, and was inspired by Zev from Fiddleoak, an incredibly talented 15 year old (see here and here), to make my own photo manipulations in Photoshop. I used pictures of my sister and nature taken at a beautiful state park.

Here they are! I know they aren’t perfect, but for my first try at cropping and relocating people like this, I’m happy with them.

You can click on the pictures to see them full sized.

Standing on a log

Stepping over a shell

April 5, 2014 at 12:31 pm 2 comments

Greyscale Backgrounds

Here are some abstract backgrounds I made in Photoshop using mostly distort filters in the Filters menu. I used blend modes to create the textured, interesting looks.

Click on the pictures to see them larger.

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Grunge Tree

As you can tell, I like to draw trees. Here is another one I did on an iPad! The last tree I drew was more of a cartoonish, rainbow tree. This one is more epic and has a lot of grunge. I’m not sure which look I like better – I think they both are cool. This one makes a nice wallpaper!

Epic grunge tree

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Geometric Abstract Designs

Here are two more iPad drawings. I made these with a stylus, and I couldn’t have done them without it.

iPad Abstract Art


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iPad Photography in Atlanta

I went to Atlanta, Georgia on a business trip with my Dad recently. Despite really long hours, I had fun and got also got a job!

On the way back I took photos with my iPad and edited them in the app Snapseed. It is currently my favorite iPad photo editing app, and I highly suggest it. I am also going to buy a “real” camera with the money from my new job, so I will be able to make better photos. I will probably edit those in Photoshop, but I could also import them into my iPad to edit in Snapseed.

So here are the photos I did. They are all highly edited – blur is my new favorite thing!















Please let me know which ones worked and which ones didn’t. You will be doing me a huge favor if you do that, because you will help me improve. Thanks!

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Trees and Light – Two iPad Paintings

When I was sick recently I was forced to slow down, so I drew in Brushes on my iPad for two days straight. It was a lot of fun, even though I was sick, and the result was these two drawings.

Dreamy Tree


Now I’m SUPER busy again and have a million things going on, and I kind of wish I could get sick again.  : ) Just kidding, but it would be productive for my art if I was.

*For some reason they’re showing up a bit blurry, so click on them to see a full-resolution version.

February 7, 2013 at 2:53 pm 6 comments

The Storm from Photoshop

After watching a Deke’s Techniques video from on making synthetic lightening in Photoshop (#110), I was inspired to make a storm photo. The clouds were the hardest part because I’d never made any before and I only used the render –> clouds filter. I can’t really tell you what techniques I used, because I really just had a ton of layers and used whatever looked good. Click on the pictures to see them larger.

Here’s the final product I came up with.

Epic photoshopped storm

A back and white version.

Photoshopped Storm black and white

And the original picture.

Original Mountain pic

November 2, 2012 at 12:04 pm 2 comments

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Almost halfway with this classic. Much more entertaining and insightful than I expected. Let's pretend I'm standing in front of a rack of spacesuits and am about to be shot to the International Space Station in order to conduct research on interplanetary travel and meet a delegation of aliens.
#skydiving ♫ I believe I can fly... and not die ♫
♫ After jumping out of an airplane at 14,000 feet ♫
#skydiving d r a g o n f l y

Pic taken in the midst of a dragonfly swarm years ago at a soccer park during the sunset. It's a chocolateX4 kind of breakfast today.

1. Rawchocolate cacao spiced milk

2. Cocoa nibs

3. Chocolate covered espresso caramel

4. Chocolate mint tea

Yum. 💚 Why do we have such an obsession to capture and share our lives?

I walked alone by the river this evening. The stream reflected the molten dusk light and the leaves sparkled with recently-fallen raindrops. I stood on the footbridge and watched tiny fish swim in the running water.

Then I had a dangerous thought: This would make a good picture.

Out my phone came. The rest of my wandering was spent attempting to capture the evening's brilliance. Smartphone technology can not capture nature, so I was left unsatisfied.

I spend hours every day staring into my computer under bright white light. This makes these moments in nature special. Even then, I could not escape from my phone. Its harsh light shone on my face as I tried to capture the essence of a glowing patch of green grass in the twilight.

If I only left my phone at home, I would have existed in the moment instead of trying to capture it. I would have experienced nature through my senses instead of pixels.

Perhaps wanting to capture is not a bad thing? Maybe I have this urge because I'm a loner and don't often share walks or thoughts with people?

Who knows. But next time I go on a walk, I may leave my phone behind. What fun it is to sit down and sketch the first draft of a new app mockup.
This how I design an app or software feature:
1. Recieve a brain dump from the person who has the concept. Scribble these thoughts down in bullet point format in one of my many notebooks.
(My current notebook is red with a vintage anatomical heart, which might seem a little goth, but I just intend for it to remind me not to be an emotionless robot in life.)
2. Sketch draft of initial app flow. I don't pay much attention to details at this point. It's intended for a high level proof of concept to make sure the features' structures I in envision in my head will work in two dimensions on the screen.
3. Create the screens as wireframes in the computer. Polish as I go to add detail and fill in gaps from the sketches.
4. Then I send for feedback and we iterate. This is my least favorite part, as often complicated technical questions come up I have to figure out, and I have to think at a high level of detail.
5. I take the final wireframes and create "pixel perfect" designs with color and fonts and pretty layout in Adobe Illustrator.
Then we're done with the mockups! Magic accomplished.
(Please add occasional half-steps for procrastination. To rejuvenate my mind, of course. Heh. That's what I'm doing right now by making this post.) Found in the mental disorders section. Misplaced? I disagree with anyone who sees introversion as a disadvantage. My first Malcom Gladwell book caused my worst sunburn in a while. I read along the river for three hours facing the same direction in full sunlight without suncreen, because I mistakenly think I'm invincible to the sun. I'm still peeling, but needless to say, enjoyed the book. Da fam Second ever family selfie Fun light from office window on Friday morning makes for a fantastic impromptu photo shoot at work.

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